Rotary Club of Glendale Sunrise


Meeting Responsibilities
weekly duties - June 16
Greeter - June 16
Diradourian, Richard
Pledge of Allegiance - June 16
Sorem, Keith
Cashier - June 16
Townsend, Sharon
weekly duties - June 23
Greeter - June 23
Upcoming Events
Col. Nancy Summer
Jul 07, 2017
Phil Kubel
Jul 14, 2017
Craft Talk
Judy Reilly
Jul 21, 2017
Guide Dogs of America
Nina Crowe
Jul 28, 2017
Club Assmebly
Scott Ochoa
Aug 04, 2017
Glendale City Manager
Club Member
Aug 11, 2017
Craft Talk
Chief Robert Castro
Aug 18, 2017
City of Glendale Police Chief
Brian Han
Aug 25, 2017
Director of Development for LINK (Liberty in North Korea)
Eli Gauna
Sep 01, 2017
Is there an ugly child in your life.
Club Member
Sep 08, 2017
Craft Talk
Cherise Charleswell
Sep 15, 2017
Journey Out, a non-profit that works with the victims of human trafficking
Escott Norton
Sep 22, 2017
Los Angeles Historic Theatres
Welcome to Glendale Sunrise Rotary
President Tom Propst
Welcomes you to Rotary!
We are Fired up for Service!
Home Page Stories
Farewell President Tom
Join us tonight, June 22 at 6 pm
as we celebrate Tom's year.
Cocktails, dinner, program
Sparr Heights Community Center
Welcome to our newest members!
Phil Kubel
Darren Azarian and Lynn Chen
Our Rotary members at the recent Ascencia gala at Union Station
GREETER:Lindsay Hornsby
PLEDGE:Peggy Riddle
FOUR WAY TEST: Velvet Rhodes
Maria Matta- guest of Gabriel Matta
Bryce from YMCA- Guest of Jeanette
Joe Craney- Guest of Rick Dinger
Lynn Chen and Rose Si- Guest of Ken Riedel
Phil Kubel of Santa Anita Racetrack- Guest of Keith Sorem
Fireside chat for Phil Kubel is Monday at 5pm at Glendale Arts
Game Haus rotary fellowship 1/29 at 12:00pm
This weekend our Rotarians are visiting the Orphanage in Mexico
Field of Honor project proposed- Eric Hamilton- committees to come
This weeks speakers were Rick Dinger and city council member Zareh. These two went head to head to discuss the issues and promote themselves for City Counsel! Rick showed us a video from the last time he ran for City Council in 2013. Zareh spoke on issues he would like to change in Glendale.
Glendale Sunrise Rotary
GREETER: Patty Fallahee
PLEDGE: Cody Smith 
INSPIRATION: Jeanette Cordon
FOUR WAY TEST:Velvet Rhodes
Phil- Marketing Director of the Santa Anita Racetrack,Tom Lorenz,  City of Glendale Director of Communications (guest speaker)
Anna (former member),Dan Watson, Camille Levee-South Pasadena Rotary,Ani Simonian- Owner of American Saving Financial
Lynn Chan.Rene and Peter Kelley
Keith Sorem- Lucky 7 Meeting this Tuesday Morning 1/17/17
Jory Potts- Marilyn Book Drive: collecting boos next month
Ray Rangwala- Next orphanage trip is 1/29; We received a $1000 check from the Pasadena Noon Rotary Club for the orphanage
David Smith- Paella Dinner fundraiser for orphanage at The Smith residence 1/21/17 at 5:30pm
Ken Riedel- Next fellowship meeting at Game of Haus 1/29 from 12-4pm, $10/person
Salvation Army raised $89,000 in Glendale
Drive for marine families- donate baby clothes- at the South Pasadena Fire Station
Tom, the Director of Communications for the City of Glendale spoke about the affects Prop 64 will have on the City of Glendale. As a conservative city, we have some of the lowest crime rates and some of the most strict rules on drug use. Due to Prop 64, some of our laws regarding recreational and medical marijuana will have to be revised.
Things that have become legal:
  • Individuals can cultivate up to 6 plants in their home
  • Individuals can have up to 28.5 grams of marijuana in their possession
  • Individuals can have up to 8 grams of concentrated marijuana in their possession
  • Individuals over the age of 21 can buy licensed commercial marijuana
  • Retailers can sell marijuana to individuals over the age of 21
Things that are illegal:
  • Possession under the age of 21
  • Retail to those under the age of 21
  • Consumption of marijuana in public
  • Consumption of marijuana in a vehicle
  • DUI
  • Buying and selling unlicensed marijuana
For other information visit
Glendale Sunrise Rotary
Meeting Reporter Report
DATE: 1/6/17
GREETER: Kim Villa
PLEDGE: Maria Gandera
FOUR WAY TEST: Denise Miller
Phil Cougal – Guest of Keith Sorem
Darren Azarian – Visting Rotarian / New Member transfer from Crescenta Canada
“Papa” Joe Kroening – Visiting Rotarian / New Member transfer from Crescenta
Canada Club
Henry Gunnell – Son of Eli Gunnell
Tom Propst - Rotary International Rose Parade Float won the “Princess” trophy
Frank Lopez – Traveling to the Mexico Orphanage January 28-29, 2017
Keith Sorem – Lucky 7 meeting
Keith Sorem – Rotarian David DiJulio wife and mother passed away end of last
year. David will be attending GSR next week.
Tri Fritz – Fellowship January 29, 2017 at Game Hall
This weeks program consisted of a “Craft Talk” of our newest members, JoeKroening and Darren Azarian. Eric Hamilton conducted a get to know type
interview of each so the club members could get to know each of the newmembers. Joe is the owner / operator of Andy’s Transfer in Montrose. It was
purchased by his father years ago after moving to California from Minnesota.Joe joined Rotary in 1973 and met his wife as a young adult working at a gas
station in Montrose where he helped fix her car. Joe is Rotarian Rick Dinger'sfavorite father in law.Darren Azarian was born and raised in La Crescenta and joined the militarygraduating USC with a Civil Engineering degree. He is married and has threeboys. He was a member of the Crescenta Canada Rotary Club and held the
positon of President for two terms.
Welcome to our newest member, Kim Villa.
Kris Hons stood in for Rick Dinger as President Tom Probst installed our newest member, Kim Villa. Kim has been with the Special Olympics for a number of years. We have been fortunate to have her speak to the club and share some of her Special Olympic superstars with us (most recently, John). We are very excited to have Kim in the club. She brings a wealth of experience and a passion for those individuals that she serves. We are looking forward to participating in the Special Olympics and helping her with these incredible human beings. Thank you Kim for choosing this club, and Rick for getting Kim to choose us.
One of our newer members Lindsay, was asked the same morning to be the club reporter. In bribing Lindsay to do so, I told her it was a great way to get to know names!  She did a fabulous job. Our program for Oct. 28 was our own member and Glendale unified School District Assistant Supt. Maria Ganderas. Maria is in charge of human resources, which means she wears 30 other hats not related to human resources, such as attendance!
When Dr. David Viar introduced her, we of course had to get past the multiple college degrees (was it 7 masters??). Maria took on the job of Coats for Kids this year and did a fabulous job. The best part of the show, watching her having to answer her phone to deal with a school emergency during the program.
Thank you Maria for being part of this club.
Though no one won the actual raffle money, monies were raised to continue to support the programs of this club. Thank you and blessings to all that serve!
Thank you Eric Hamilton for arranging today's informative Vocational Fair.
It seemed that everything had a theme (was this planned)?
We can purchase homes from Keith Sorem. We can get the financing from Ken (Bank of America).
Need help with taxes or audits, see David Smith (the only person who stayed and worked in his major in college).
Does your jacket need cleaning, Ray is the guy. Then there is Rick (Ricky to me). We learned the valuable difference between
Replacement Cost Value, and Replacement Value, not to mention being a member of AARP. Leonard can help you with commercial property management while Yvette is an ace at teaching artists the difference between numbers and colors by managing their taxes and books. And when all else fails, call Angelo. He fixes everything, can build anything, and survived the "closest" model for Peggy. And don't forget, at the end of the day, it's important to Brand yourself, your company and your message. Check with Stephen, he's the best.
Today we had the honor of hearing from Special Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Michael Leon, who personally described his experience at the Special Olympics. A call to help was provided as Glendale increases its presence at the Special Olympics. Michael was a true inspiration as he inspired us to do more, help more, and be aware of our citizens with intellectual disabilities. Thank you Michael.
Welcome New Member Lindsay Hornsby.
We are excited to welcome Lindsay into our club. She officially joined on Friday, September 2nd to a large crowd and is being sponsored by Stephen Ropfogel. Lindsay works at Express Pros and her boss, Kim Guard, was able to attend her induction. Welcome Lindsay!
Welcome Velvet Rhodes!
In August, we were honored to welcome Velvet Rhodes to our club. Velvet is a welcome addition to our club with her experience in Entertainment and Film Production. She has begun the Glendale Film Festival and has worked hard to bring an international film festival to our city. Welcome Velvet.
Thank You!
We want to thank Richard and his wife for opening up their beautiful
home and preparing a fabulous dinner for our
members over the Labor Day Weekend. Thank you Richard!
Thank you to those members that continue to support the Orphanage in Tijuana.
Especially to Frank and Ray, who were joined by Jory on their recent trip.
To our members who continue to make this a better place to be! Watch for new pictures each week.
In August, we gathered at the beautiful home of Eric and Trisha Hamilton to spruce up our boat (to Fire it up) for the upcoming Aug. 27 Rotary boat race. The event, held each year in the Redondo Beach Marina, features cardboard boats made by various rotary clubs. Two years ago, we won the race, despite complaints from other clubs (maybe because we blew them out of the water). This year, our own club president, Tom Propst, was joined by returning racer Sharon Townsend, as we tried to gain back our title. The event took place on August 27 at the Redondo Beach Marina. Tom and Sharon won first place in their first heat, and with only less than 10 min of down time, raced again and came in 2nd place!
President Tom Propst welcomed LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell as our guest speaker on July 1.
Phil Lanzafame, Glendale Economic Development guru.
Past President Jewel Price hosted guests from Japan as part of the exchange program.  They were very entertaining!
Enjoyed a chat with Bernie Otis...
The importance of helping Swaziland.
Thinking about your next vacation?  We enjoyed a very interesting speaker from Montrose Travel.
Pat Ford from Montrose Travel discussed best practices for planning your vacation.
A great program regarding our veterans and the care they need.
The story of 9/11 like you never heard...
Great program on what Glendale Community College offers vets.
Hope this brings a smile to your day. Scott- 
Sept. 11th great story from ground zero.
Our fearsome craft for this years district picnic has received a new coat of paint and a new look for its sure-fire win in this years annual event.  As you can see from the photos, the color scheme has been brought more into line with current presidential thinking, although there is still no word on a name yet, so stay tuned!
Great program on how we can all save lives by being donors.

From the RI Website:


RI President-elect K.R. Ravindran introduced a member benefits program at the 9 June closing session of the 2015 Rotary International Convention, saying that many more hands are needed to continue Rotary’s work around the world.

The program, , aims to boost membership and enhance member satisfaction. It will debut on 1 July.

“This innovative new program will allow Rotary members to connect with hundreds of businesses and service providers from around the world -- and that number is growing,” said Ravindran. “These establishments will offer Rotarians discounts and concessions on the everyday business that you do. And, in many cases, not only will you benefit, but our Foundation will as well, by receiving a contribution with each transaction.”

The program will include discounts on car rentals, hotels, dining, and entertainment. Discounts on more products and services from companies worldwide are expected to be added throughout the year.

“It will be another way to benefit from being a Rotarian and being part of the Rotary network,” said Ravindran, whose presidential theme for 2015-16 is Be a Gift to the World. “I urge all of you to become a part of that scheme.”



Rotary News

We enjoyed a visit from Rachel Fine and a fine program on political communication by Anthony Portantino.
We are going to the orphanage the weekend of Aug 1-2. This trip, we will be taking all the children to a swimming pool complex that's built into a vineyard. We are going to serve hot dogs & watermelon. 
Help us help the kids beat the heat. See for yourself the great things that Rotary does.
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