The Estado 29 returns and is rewarded.

Disaster Aid Projects discussed.

District Picnic and Cardboard boat race is coming up.


President David Smith presented past president Dr. Jewel Price with the  district governors certificate for most involved member
The group who went to Estado 39
Erik, Ray, Alex, Frank were presented with theme pins by President Smith

Saturday, Aug 23rd, district membership seminar
District picnic Sunday, September 14

Sharon Townsend was presented with her theme pin for her work on reconciling the matching grants paperwork
Rick Dinger and Eric Hamilton, presented with pins for being awesome.

Wednesday, September 17th 11:30!am sponsor event in connection with Banners On Brand.

Yvette Davis was in Virgiinia and was driving From the north Suffolk, Virginia 
Always were curious to see who owns the house in the water.  The arotsrynClubmis having a fellowship event there.
Friday, August 29th lunch at the Magic castle with Stephen Ropfogel

Eric Hamilton, follow up to Banners On Brand, please collect funds
Annual State of the schools  Breakfast, Thursday, Oct. 2nd

Alex Parajon, please put your photos up on your club runner profile

Next weeks speaker Ken Worfiled, sax player, played at the Hollywood Bowl

Fines and Acknowledgements
Zainul Abedin - non- Rotary Burbank Marriott hotel, Fobana convention, Aug 27- 29, invited as my VIP guests, and formhismphone ringing

Jory Potts, her birthday

Stephen Ropfogel, Christmas In July, who did show up, Six members attended
PJ Pati, missed a few meetings, thanks to Stephen for
Jewel Price, had a birthday, climbed Machu Picho for her birthday
Went to the gallo pages Islands, 

Eric Hamilton have the boat next Tuesday, building the boat at Americas house, see Eric, two person boat

Alex Parajon - last Saturday honored at the Donate Life honors his mother with. Flora graph on the Rose Float, sharing her story all over

Sharon, he husband got his dream job inLondon
Ray Rangwala, have been the chair. Of the Los AngelesDrynCleaning Association

Dave smith adding a master suite to his house,broke after paying the permit fees

Program presented by Jewel price
Tor Nost, Playa Venice Rotary Club

Disaster Aid International
Shelter, water filter system, 

Weekly drawing $36. Eric Hamiltom
raffle $451 Scott Pafford
$5000 annual vocational grants


Large water filter system, Sky Hydrant produces 10,000 liters per day