Great program on what Glendale Community College offers vets.
to me

Thursday poker night, Nov,. 12th, see Rick Dinger
Kettle Kickoff November 20, 2015 - no meeting at Oakmont
Glendale Civic Auditorium

Next week's Program,  PDG Larry Jernigan,  Vietnam Vet

Coats For Kids, Ray Rangwala reports over 1800 Pounds of clothes were cleaned by the Los Angeles County Dry Cleaners Association.
Dr. Maria Gandera thanks all those that volunteered.
Fines and Acknowledgements
Zaven Kazazian' s birthday
Ian Odwyer's birthday
Arthur Churchian, thank to Kris Hons

Democratic club is having a toy drive
Andrew Pirim thanks to Rick Dinger for supporting the Poker Tournament
Alex announced Maria Gandera thanks for Coats a for Kids
Sharon Townsend, Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner , Sat. nov. 14, on behald of Glendale Healthy Kids
Rick Dinger, celebrating victories at Three football games,
Ken Riedel thanks to Nina for emergency dental work on Isabella
Scott Pafford, supporting the Three Amigos
Hagop supporting the three Amigos Foundation

Tom Propst, proud to have his son here

David Viar introduced the GCC Veterans Resource Center

Charles Schumate, Director
Discussed veterans services at GCC and the importance of the mentor program.

Weekly Drawing $ 35 Nick Hacopian
$769 33 cards  Zaven Kazazian