As President Jory begins counting down the few remaining meetings in the "Thinking With The Heart" year, the meetings just get better!
New Rotarian Alex Parajon acted as greeter and conducted the pledge of allegiance, with Chief Scoggins giving a wonderful inspiration, followed by Ray Rangwala with the Four Way Test.

Special guest Past President Jim Sloan!
There is a sales contest in connection with Banners on Brand this year, announced by President Elect Rick Dinger. For every banner sold you are entered in a drawing for either a threesome at Oakmont (Rick being the fourth) or dinner for four in the Oakmont fine dining room. Watch for details on contacting businesses for to buy a banner next week.

District 5280 has announced a field trip to Jaimaca January 31st to February 4th, part work, part play, see Past President Jewel Price for details.

On a fashion note, denim has been approved for attire at the Oakmont on Fridays ONLY.

The new Glendale New Generations Rotary Club is having their charter dinner at Oakmont on Friday, June 29th. Invitations have been sent to all members.

Fines and Acknowledgements
Jim Thomas arrived late, was supposed to be the greeter, thanked Alex for pinch-hitting!
Matt's father was German-born and came the US after WW 2 to attend college, where he met his wife, Matt's mother. Matt was born in Harvey, on the south side of Chicago (I wonder if Camille knew that?) then moved to St. Louis, where he became a Cardinal's fan.

David Pies thanked Nancy Young for helping him win an award of $32,000 in attorney's fees on a case.

Our speaker was Matt Gerlach, who did a great Imagejob recapping the highlights of his entire life.  Space does not permit a complete review here, but you missed a very informative program!