Not Even For A Minute started with. Newspaper article Marilyn Gunnell read in 2001.


In 1998 the New Jersey Department of Human Services 
promoted the “Not Even for a Minute” campaign 
warrning about the dangers of leaving children in or 
around vehicles alone.  On August 14, 2000 a Dear 
Abby letter was printed in the LA Times written by 
Michelle K. Guhl, Commissioner, New Jersey 
Department of Human Services. 
The letter sparked the interest of Keith Sorem, Glendale 
Sunrise Rotary President and Marilyn Gunnell, a member of the Rotary Club 
(GSR) and the Los Angeles County Medical Association Alliance (LACMMA). 
Thus began a collaborative effort of the two organizations culminating on May 
1, 2001 with our own “Not Even for a Minute” project including posters, 
window slicks, flyers and later DVD’s in English (Caucasian and African 
American children), Korean, Armenian and Spanish.  These were distributed in 
hospitals, at meetings, at community events and elsewhere.  Many Rotary 
Clubs and other organizations have takes some form of “Not Even for a 
Minute” as their own. 
LACMMA, (the spouses of physicians in LA County),  are proud to continue our 
well over 10 year affiliation with the Rotary Club in the on going effort to keep 
children and others alive and safe.  This wonderful fundraising event, 
“Banners on Brand” is spreading the word that it is NOT OK to leave children 
unattended in or around vehicles, it is NOT OK to leave keys in the ignition in 
order to leave children in an air conditioned vehicle, and it is NOT OK to put 
children at risk of being stolen by non-custodial parents or others.  This year 
alone we know of 19 children in the U.S. who have died due to heat while in a 
vehicle. The money raised by this project will assist in the maintenance of the 
myriad of Glendale Sunrise Rotary club activities and projects for the club year 
July 2014-July 2015.  Our continuing relationship of well over 10 years is a 
great source of pride to us all.  
Most sincere Best Wishes!
LACMAAPresidentElizabethKurihara M.S, M.F.T.
LACMAAPastPresident,LACMAADistrict4President,GSR member MarilynGunnel