President Rick was greeted in the customary manner with pomp, circumstance, and ceremony due a new Rotary Club also a large offering of Diet Coke, accompanied by all (most) club members wearing denim.

Your Greeter was Don Myers, Pledge Peggy Riddle, Inspiration Eric Hamilton

After a delicious breakfast guests and visiting Rotarians were introduced (none today).
Club Announcements:
Summer Feeding Program for Elementary School Students at Pacific Park - see Rachel Ray, weekdays from 11am - 1am, very easy and fun to do.

Lucky Seven meeting coming up at Glendale Adventist next week, watch for the email announcement...Tuesday or Wednesday at 6pm, hosted by Teryl MacDougal.


Sell banners on Brand - See Zainul Abedin or Eric Hamilton

Fines and Acknowledgements
Tom Propst - Glendale News Press photo, supervising a training fire
Harold Scoggins - Also mentioned, Region 6 and 5 - bad outlook for fire season with fewer assets, higher fire danger
Twice as many red flag days, days of single digit humidity
Steve Ropfogel, great class one fire dept.
Rachel and Rio Ray Loreal Fashion show gave the Salvation Army a big donation, Rachel walked down the runway...
Unknown perpertrator stole their Car battery stolen, fuses,
Peggy Riddle I am unusually happy, this week I got a fantastic job, working for the Assistance League , office manager. Burbank
Andrew Pirim, thanks to Nancy Young, legal business issue
Jory Potts - car was stolen at the Torrey Pines Hilton, settled, tomorrow they celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary
Jewel Price - anyone going to Vegas?
Mona Marcos - has a nice tan, for two weeks, France, Italy, Greece, the Mediterranean

Rick Dinger bragged (okay, discussed) the first Glendale City Golf Championship, golfers with indexes are wanted

Everyone in the club has a role to play in our success this year!  Per Rick Dinger!

Club Assembly,
Sharon Roth, Membership, bring one guest this month
Tom Propst, Harold Scoggins Community Service.   Andrew Pirim, Jim Thomas,
Fellowship, Kris Hons, Glynn Martin, Don Meyers,
Club Service Yvette Not here
Dave Smith, Peggy Riddle Youth, Marilyn, Steve Ropfogel, Alex, David DJulio, Youth Service, Jorge
Restart the Hoover High Interact, GCC Rotoact
A youth program that is the Arts
A committee meeting to come up with new projects
The Bullying Project
Jewel Price, International Service. Zainul Abedin, Nick, Gabriel, Ray, frank, Pj
Estado 29, Ensenada Rotary Club cooperative project
Mel, project with Panama
 Possibly help to support a school I Bali
International conventoin is in Lisbon, Portugal
District 5280 trip to Jamaica
GSE team leader for Japan

Public relations, Ian and Kate O'Dwyer, Eddy Einmen

Foundation - Zainul Abedin,
Our first Paul Harris Fellow....

Vocational Chair - Armando Goytia
Club Bulletin - Richard Diradourian
Sgt. At Arms - Patty Fallahee
Treasurer - Emil Akopiain
Secretary - Nina Costin
President Elect- Eric Hamiliton

Goals  net growth 10%

$25 weekly drawing. Harold Scoggins
Zaven Kazazian $443. Provided welcome baskets for YWCA Hamilton court