Scott Pafford did not win the Raffle....

Club announcements

Robert Vance  - Vocational Scholarships from Daily High School, see him if you are interested in reviewing the applications

Chief Tom Propst thanked Rotarians for attending Chief Scoggins' Bon Voyage dinner

Peggy Smith - next week speaker is Dr. Neil McLeod, inspiring service

April10th, Alex Theatre, dining on the stage.  Nina Crowe suggested Parking in Orange St. Parking Structure

Josh Sneed reminded about Hoop Heroes, April 12th Glendale High School, See Rick Dinger for Tickets
Proceeds will benefit the Zone after school program

President David Smith reminded about District Conf. May 13 17th in San Diego

Fines and acknowledgements - Jeanett Cordon Sgt. At Arms.
Jeanett Tried to open Robert's car, looked like hers, he was inside on a conference call

Arthur Churchian also got in a car full of people but the wrong car, they were tourists, very upset

Erik Ohanessian's wife goes in, sits in car, wrong car
Yvette, went with a girl friend, went into the wrong house

Denise and Yvette went to Glendale Healthy Kids,Taste of Downtown Glendale, arrived at Denise's, Yvette went into the wrong home, next door neighbors instead

Zaven Kazazian, on behalf of the GlendalemFire a foundation, thank you for attending

Jorge Vazquez. Happy birthday, had three youth drive from Provo Utah to visit the organization
Marilyn Gunnell birthday
Todd Hunt, visiting, Sat. April 11th, Food drive there will be anMTA Stuff The Buss,
At 3pm the grill team will be at the Salvation Army.
Hoop Heroes April 12th
Special Olympics, three delegations will be hosted putting on a bingo night to raise funds for accommodating 100 visiting youth participating

Happy Birthday Richard Diradourian
Had six cases of beer in the car, filled with people, a few under age, was pulled over

David Charles Keaton, Remodeling Your Home Without Losing Your Mind

Down payment 10% down is the state law.
Payments either weekly or based on progress.
Spread it out over the length of the project.  Contractors are not supposed to coming,e funds
Change Orders

Weekly drawing $47 Gabriel Matta

Raffle $1,680. Scott Pafford