Enjoyed a chat with Bernie Otis...
President Yvette announced the first Arts and crafts faire
Sat, June 26, 2016 Central Park
She is looking for interested Rotarians, artists, etc.

Ray Rangwala announced the next trip to the Orphanage in Mexico, May 21-22, to  Estado 29, please let him know if you prefer one or two nights
Need to rent vans.

Fines and Acknowledgements
Steve Ropfogel big mouth  because words matter

Cody White - was beat out by Dave on Chili
Angelo Cirrincione awarding chili
Ray Rangwala last minute went to Pink Floyd
Ken Riedel fellowship
David Viar won the chili contest...emphsizing straight chili, no beans, lots of  Tri tip
Nina Crowe taste of downtown Glendale May. 4
The Music Path non profit Robbi
Ian O'Dwyer - Moving to the Pasadena Club

David Viar introduced our speaker Bernie Otis,
Food Service planning, consulting,
He has been a Rotarian since 1954
He is a Paul Harris fellow member of the Woodland Hills Rotary Club

Every human being is born and dies, when you reach the end of the journey, and the question is asked, "How was your life?" The answer should be "It was good".

How To Prepare For Old Age

Contributors to life
Awareness - of the people around you
Relationships - the people who are important you.

Nathan Adelson of Las Vegas,owner of the sunrise hospital of Las Vegas, they put together a hospice program to care for terminally ill patients

There was a terrible hotel fire in Las Vegas with 88 people died, Bernie spent three days notifying next of kin.

Petty differences between family members, regarding estrangements that result in residents of senior homes being very lonely.  People are living longer, but not necessarily a happy life.  One spouse becomes ill, the other spouse becomes the care giver, and they begin to lose touch.  This talk should take place early in life.  Talk about how you feel about things that may happen.

75% of deaths of people over 65, are caused by falls.  The falls typically can lead to pneumonia.

You need to discuss when you will lose their driving faculties.  Stop them from driving, so discuss how they should be handled early.  How do they want this situation to be handled.  Be proactive, be diligent.

Weekly drawing  $34  Alex Parajon
Raffle $1,357      17 cards. Cody White
Interact Salvation Army bell ringing