Member of Congress Adam Schiff, Two new member inductions, lots of events taking place.
Mike Davitt Mayor of La Canada Flintridge
Arthur Tri Fritz, Glendale Memorial Hospital
Hovaness Garabetian, Engineer
April 30 YWCA Legacy Luncheon, Honoring Sharon Townsend
Taste of Glendale, also April 30th

Congressman Adam Schiff
Passed a budget, passed and increase in the debt ceiling, hopefully Congress is returning from the dysfunctionality.

Hopefully we are going to enter into a period of stability with more certainty for the economic atmosphere.

Schiff spoke about the Russian tactics and strategy to expand, primarily by pretending to protect ethnic Russians in Ukraine.
They have a need to restore status and image, they are not going back
Schiff was in the Orange Revolution, when they poisoned Viktor Yushchenko was fatally poisoned by a radioactive substance in London.  When the Soviets said "Nyet", that meant it.

Ukraine wanted to intergrate economically in the E. U.  The president opted to join the Russians Customs Union, reneged on the agreement to join the E.U.

What are we doing about it? Not enough.  We are punishing the oligarchs, they don't like it, being unable to travel, capital is fleeing Russia.  The administration has wanted to testing Russian intentions, but too little response, invites Russia to do more.
The challenge with democracies is to get them all together, each European country has a good reason for not exert sanctions on Russia.

Russian invaded Georgia a few years ago, many say,"why should we care?"
After the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine wanted to keep their nuclear weapons.  We promised the. We would protect their territorial integrity, but if we do. If we dd not live up to that agreement, there will be problems.

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