Camille Levy, former member of GSR, now president elect of South Pasadena

Philantee Riddle, Pasadena Rotary member, is running for district Senator

GYA lunch Aug 26, President Yvette would like to know if you plan  on attending.

Annual boat race Sept 20 at the District Picnic.  Eli Gunnell et al will be building another award-winning boat out of cardboard.

Alex90 -Nina Crow reminds us that the Alex Theatre is turning 90 this year.  The big party is September 4th.  See her for details.

Arthur Churchian guest Sgt At Arms
Stephen Ropfogel was gone three months
Annual Event In September,, 17,
Robert Vance 13th wedding anniversary
Keith shared the story of the lowest priced two bed condo in Glendale, Arthur concurred that it did reek even after Keith cleaned the carpets.
Camille Levy invited interested parties to visit South Pasadena Rotary program Tuesday, Antioch Congregational Church,
David Pies was glad to be visiting
Dr.Maria Gandera students return next week - she smiled with a straight face
Zaven Kazazian for sponsoring Arthur Churchian, he is not sure why.
Rachel Fine had a baby girl August 4th

Chuck Reinhart discusses being a long time Rotarian

Dr. David Viar, program co-chair presented  Dr. Javier Gago
Professor of Biology, chair of field experience in Baja California

Weekly drawing $32 Chuck Reinhart
Raffle $380. Yvette Davis.