The meeting was held at Glendale Adventist Medical Center.  The CEO, Kevin Roberts, gave the inspiration.  A nice breakfast was hosted by the hospital.  And we had lady in a hazmat suit running around.
Nina Crowe  - GlendaleArts special fundraiser, Gina Billy Elliott,  the musical $2 per ticket to benefit GCC agSR fundraiser

World Rotary Day is February 23rd.

Dr. Jewel Price. announced that Dr. Richard Cortes and Mirna have a new baby
Past President, Past Program Chair, Past Rotarian of the Year, and Membership Chair, Rick Dinger reminded everyone to submit their invitation to the Rotary Pep Rally invite list Jan. 29
Dr. Jorge Vazquez -Our speaker Dr. William Patzert ,this coming Friday, January 23rd is one of the leading authorities on climate impacts. This should be a great talk to invite people to. 
"I have known Dr. Patzert for 30 years. He really was one of the original leaders in NASA that led to a scientific revolution in how we study our planet from orbiting satellite platforms. While doing his Phd at the University of Hawaii he was the student of Dr. Klaus Wyrtki, the discoverer of El NIno
invited Dr. William Patzer on drought.  He is known as the prophet of California climate.

Dueling Sgtt of Arms Patty Fallahee vs. Rick Dinger, one side of the room against the other.
Eric $25.   Jory. $5 large and tall man walked into the ARC and she is looking for tall clothes for him.
Denise - in honor of Marilyn Gunnell, who is home recovering.
David Viar 40 th wedding anniversary
Irvin 41 years old
Jim Thomas  $10 stuck with puppy for ten days
Patty's side of the room one.

Denise Miller GAMChas the fifth lowest mortality rate of hospitals in the US
Strategic and management plans and bi- annual drills
There were two great speakers on communicable diseases including discussion of the measle, ebola, and the flu.  Para slides to transport patients down stairs, very cool.  See video of talk on FB.
Measles outbreak occurred at Disneyland.
Vaccination rate has decreased due to celebrity comments regarding alleged autism side effect (not supported by scientific evidence).
More people died from the flue than ebola or measles....50 people died from the flu.  Vaccinate, wash your hands, get the vaccine
$34  Angelo Cirrincione
Raffle $987 Eric Hamilton (sorry, Eric.)
5 clubs read with children at Edison Elementary.