Ian O'Dwyer's father is visiting from England

Glendale Community Scholarships awarded.  

Interesting program Los Angeles County Sheriffs


Scholarship recipients, Dr. Ian O'Dwyer and Dr. Jewel Price announced the winners of the GCC scholarship endowment 

Glendale city Golf Championship- announced by Rick Dinger 

Demotion party next Sunday, June 29th at Rick Dinger's. 

Banners on a Brand - the clubs largest fundraiser is starting 

Next Estado 29  trip the weekend of August 10 

Fines and Acknowledgements

Dom Icardo A very big weekend, wife is spending  the weekend away.

Rick - wife Heather left for 2 and half weeks to Spain and left him with the kids

Ray - why did we not clap for Ricks kids

David O'Dwyer (visiting Rotarian)  improperly dressed, playing golf 

Keith  - showing a nice $2.4 million home and the Sheriffs showed up due to silent alarm with guns drawn


Captain Bill Song 
He has been with the Sheriffs Department, the majority of time spent in the patrol division, (versus the custody division)
I grew up in Glendale, attended Horaceman, Rosemont, CV high school, it is nice to be back home.  

Crime is down  in La Crescents, 50% from last year.  Because of what you see I the media you may not realize that, 
95 personnel work at the CV station, not including Montrose Search and Rescue, also we have volunteers that drive white a sheriffs cars, and the uniformed reserves.

The largest patrol area is the Angeles National Forest.

A new Sheriff is going to be elected, Chief of Long Beach and the Undersheriff are candidates.  Election will be November. 

We have an elected Sherriff, then Executive Officer, four assistant sheriffs, then 14 chiefs, 
The sheriffs headquarters is moving from Monterey Park to downtown Los Angeles at the former Hall of Justice,

We have a lot of prisoners, they are staying in Jail Camps.  The trustee program is where they are evaluated, they wear an ankle bracelet, perform maintenance and janitorial. They get to be out, not in a cell.  
We also have Pitchess Honor Camp, they do all the laundry for the county, printing, 
Welfare fund is the sale of items, helps pays for rehabilitation.

Despite the Early Release of criminals, crime is really down.

Weekly drawing $ 29. Peggy Riddle
Raffle $ Scott Pafford. Donated Baby Think ItnOver doll to Glendale High School

Next weeks program Kenyan Orphanage founder