Guests Kathie Riedel (Ken's mother)
Dr. Rene Valdez (Principal from Daily High School
Three recipients
Sincerely Rios. Alexis Olivera, Ammon Hillquist
President David Smith announced that there are over $80,000 in district grants
 In 2011 we donated $4,000
$2,000 came back for matching funds
Paul Harris Plus 1 Sapphire was presented to Past President Rick Dinger

President David Smith and the Club donated $1,000 to Glendale a Healthy Kids, accepted by Sharon Townsend

Robert Vance presented scholarships to seniors from Daily High school
Dr. Maria Gandera
Ms. Sincerely Rios, is interested in being a physical therapist
Mr. Ammon Hillquist, would like to be a contractor
Ms. Alexis Olivera, is studying to be an oncology Nurse

President Elect Yvette Davis reminded all club members to submit your Banners on Brand,
Peggy Riddle reminded us that Thursday, May 28th, Father Boyle, luncheon,
Time and details on the club website

Fines and Acknowledgements

Rick Dinger
Hawaii,Washington DC
Ken Riedel, being a dork
Ray, Rangwala. on behalf of Kens Mom, visited the orphanage, they visited a place to visit $60
Tri Fritz, read the applications of the scholarship Applicants, well,done
Thanks for the support during my daughter's recuperation form. A fall at gymnastics
Richard Diradourian, was fine free, went to Hawaii for a wedding, the volcanoes were very actives,
Peggy Smith, Jewel Price went to visit her mother, discovered that she fell and injured her spine, brought her back to Arcadia.

Dr. Zainul Abedin talked about his experience working serving on Small Business Administration.  In 2000 met Dr. Su, originally appointed by Bush 41, as advisor of Asian people to the White House.
Hector Barreto Glendale Resident, was SBA Director
SBA Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act,
To improve agency cooperation and regulatory compliance

Example 8a certification appeals

End result is reported congress.
Recommend favorable policies for small business
Mitigate Federal Citations to Small businesses

Weekly drawing. $ $96.  Kris Hons
Raffle $1,840. 9 cards Arthur Churchian