Glynn Martin wins jackpot!

Glenoaks Elementary backyard clean up.


Dom Icardo Glenoaks elementary clearing the bug backyard, bring chainsaws
Jewel city fun ride - rode down to the Verdugo City Funride
Very nice event, well event
Start training now for next year
Glendale Fire Foundation June 7,
Community ADD project, 10% of proceeds

San Fernando mission had a fire,

Fines and Acknowledgements

PJ Pati last night SIPA
Yolanda of Filipino Rotary (downtown LA) for donation for typhoon made by our club, plus made a donation to the Estado 29 trip,
All are invited to Glendale Elks BBQ Saturday at the police academy in Elysian Park 11 to 4

Ropfogel mentioned his vacation in Europe, 12 day cruise in Italy,

Tre is excited at Glendale Memorial, earned a grant from Unihealth to expand the stroke center,

Rachel Fine, traveling on vacation, was in Jamaica for a bachelor party

Rick Dinger, kids might graduate, going to Hawaii, will miss next two meeting

Chief paid a fine for 11 people attending Fire Service Day

Peggy leaving early

Ray Rangwala going to Estado 29, with Frank Lopez, Jorge Vazquez, and Irvin

Nick Hacopian birthday

Rick Dinger immediate past president and program chair
Next week dr. Kate O'Dwyer on Pet care

General manager of Oakmont Country Club Scott Hine

Welcome to Oakmont Country Club
I am a PGA and thought I could make a living as a professional golfer, realized after being hit by an anvil, so have been working in the golf industry.
I have played in two big tournaments, actually have a check frame from the PGA tour, it was a dream come true, it makes up the game of golf.

I was general manager for seven years at the Yorba Linda country club, the Yorba Linda Rotary club meets there, hosts the largest crab feet annually.

One of our goal is to be a good community member and find ways to work with you to improve the community.  What is it really like, high school for rich people.  The club has been here since 1922, not many clubs can say.  Golf is a relatively newer business in Southern California, this club has a rich history.

My job is to meet all of their needs at the same time.  Some want the highest level of service, golf, and services and will not rest until they have it.  Others look more for camaraderie, friendship, we are here to create the moments that are memorable.

People ask me for my opinion, I say that I do not, I want what they want.

This is an equity club, 450 equity owners, dues for operating costs, catered events,weddings, golf tournaments on Mondays,
Married, two girls, six and eight,
Weekly drawing $98 Yvette
Raffle $ 2,129 five cards Glynn Martin wins