Guests, a very interesting program by Carol Liu, Calif. Statae Senator, and lots of fines.


Joe Kroenig, Cresecnta Cañada Rotary
Fred Carpenter, guest of the club, friend of Joe
Scott Pafford is on top of putting items on the website, thank you,

Club Announcements

Nina Sonin. Boom distribution Thurs. May 15 11:30am

Demotion Party June 29, at casa de Dinger

Sat. May 10 Athletes C E
Fire dept awards lunch Oct. 8
June 7 Glendale Galleria, Fire Dept Foundation fashion show

Dave Smith , this year Jewel, Peggy,
Ne5 year São Paulo Brazil

Glen Oaks Elementary update, Sat. may 17, clearing the back yard Don Icardo

Estado 29, Jorge Vazquez, collaborative going with Pasadena Noon Club, see Jorge, Frank. Or Ray.  Their water tank needs major repairs, will be paid from the $2,000 grant the Pasadena Noon Club

Fines and Acknowledgements
Rick Dinger, 16th wedding anniversary,
Wine cave wine party for Virgil, his fathers birthday

Steve Ropfogel, Pam was in Glendale Adventist, received great care, we are blessed to have three excellent hospitals,she ,
Tre - Glendale Memorial golf Tourney $180,000 thank you for Member support

Jorge Vazquez April 11 got married.
Joe Kroenig. Page 5 of the Outlook, $20 for Hayden's  picture with cans of food

Hovaness, paid a fine I for being a Rotarian
Eric Hamilton 21 years married, took Tricia  to the Wine Cave

Denise Miller 10th anniversary status of women's luncheon at Oakmont, Wednesday May 8

Angelo, loaded a bus o f 80 year olds

 Next week, our program is Lt. Joshua Sneed

State senator , Carol Liu

Stave Ropfogel asked about the train to nowhere?

Marilyn Gunnell, "Bully Me Not" was involved with Senator Liu at Pacific Park, no new legislation was passed thus year.  The senator is promoting  GUSDs program to the school districts.

The state requires over a million graduates with bachelor degrees, and at the rate of graduation we are going to have a significant deficit.

There are a significant number of elected people who do not get prosecuted for not living in the district they serve.

The state prison capacity had been exceeded, our prison spends $55,000 per prisoner, we spend that much into education.   We pay $7,000 per student for primary and secondary education, almost $55k for higher education.

Don Icardo asked  about Toyota leaving the state, due to Toyota's manufacturing being located in the southwest.
Brain mapping is being done at University - are you serious? 

Weekly Drawing $80 Steve Ropfogel
Raffle  $ 1,777 eight cards left...removed ivy at Balboa Elementary School