Ken Riedel reports that the Book Cleaning Project is complete.  He thanks Josh Sneed and the Salvation Army for the use of their facilities, story the books, adding they had Chinese food
President Dave Smith noted that Ray Rangwala was the speakers at the Glendale Noon Club, 9 GSR members visited.
President Dave also reported interesting Rotary Foundation Statistics
50 sustaining members (contributing $25 per quarter)
PH F +1   Paul Harris Fellow has contributed $1,000, Plus One indicates another $1,000.

Past President Jim Thomas was awarded a Paul Harris Plus Two,.
PH +2

Scholarships from the GSR Foundation will be awarded, Ian I'Dywer announced, selected 2

Past President Jim Thomas, shared a Community Service Report binder from a long time ago he found in his garage.  It featured a lot of young Rotarians, including a house painting project. organized by Cole Minnick

Scholarships for Daily High School seniors will be presented at the club meeting next week Robert Vance announced.

Thursday, May 28, Father Boyle will speak at a luncheon to be held at Glendale Adventist Medical Center

Jewel City Bike Ride, Sunday, June 7th see Peggy Smith for details, ride bikes, volunteers needed in shifts starting at 5AM
Last Wednesday went To GUSD Board
YWCA, Arc Family center

Next Friday May 15th, Zainul Abedin will speak on serving as an advisor with the Small Business Administration

Fines and Acknowledgements
Last week $825 was raised for Nepal Relief through Rotary.

Ken Riedel was late, his guest arrived first....and thank you for all who helped with the book cleaning
Ian O'Dwyer announced and open house Rosemont Pet Hospital on Saturday, May 9th
Pin check - The Sgt. At Arms fined members.
Robert Vance wore his Apple Watch
Ray Rangwala has one on order, paid a recognition for speaking at the Glendale Noon club and thanked members for their support.
Dr Havop Blikian reported daughters graduating from  8th grade one from daughter high school
David Smith reports that Peggys closet is nearing completion.

$71 Dr. Hagop Blikian won the weekly drawing
$1700 Alex Parajon did not., 10 cards