Dr. Neil McLeod spoke on inspiring others.
Warren Borgrow,  youth exchange chair for District 5280
A student from Eagle Rock is traveling  to Tawain hopes to come back fluent in Chinese
Will be attending Taiwanese high school 
None of the grades count towards her academic year
Looking for a host family for three months,
Get well card for Kate O'Dwyer  was passed around
Rick Dinger, people need to show up, Hoop Heroes,  Sunday, April 12th,Glendale a High school gym, 3 - 5
Sat. April 18 Tri Valley Track Meet , Special Olympics,for an hour of spectators 
Kris Hons, coach of the GSR, see Kris you want to practice
Breakfast at the Alex next week.  Not at Oakmont.
Nina Crowe promises an interesting program.
Denise Miller, Thursday May 28, lunch at Glendale Adventist
RSVP to 818-409-8100, Peggy will RSVP to them
Fines and Acknowledgements 
Rick Dinger played golf instead of Rotary
Az Kris Hons won a golf tourney to the tune
Tom Propst, Lucas his son plays lacrosse, last week Valencia played Sain t France's, Valencia won
We can never repay those who inspire us.  
Lived in Kenya, studied medicine at Guys Hospital, then studied at USC, 
Started his Dental Practice
Dame Flora , he wrote Letters From a Scottish Chief
Making the next generation successful
Don't brush after meals
Lemon has etched the tooth when 
Wait about an hour and a half after meals before brushing, 
The Binch poem
God bless America
Weekly drawing Nina Crowe. $50
Raffle $1,430.  Tom Propst donated walk in refrigerator