Visitors included Erik Ohanessian, a Financial Advisor for Merrill Lynch in Glendale

Tom Propst, brought his two sons Lukas and Logan


Rotary moment for district governors visit. Please pass on to David Smith.

The happy clap Governor
1 2
Recognition for Not Even For A Minute Watch The Road,
Arthur presented with his membership plaque and Red badge

Nina Crowe first community service project Horace Mann Elementary school supplies

Chief Scoggins, Fire Fighter Awards Luncheon Awards luncheon is coming up in October.
Jorge Vazquez, August 9th -10th Estado 29
Ray Rangwala's daughter is working to save money to pay for the children to swim.
Jim Mecli, John Mount, Ken Riedel,

Fines and Acknowledgements
Chief Scoggins 49th birthday. Celebrate by tree trimming
Patty Fallhee 12 years of marriage, made
Past President James Thomas going to Alaska for three weeks

David Viar Foundation dinner held this past weekend, he Foundation is 11.3 million
Recognized Harold Scoggins inducted our new members, thank you

Denise Miller, if Chief Scoggins

Nick Hacopian. - presented the club budget,

Peggy Riddle, program chair, presented a craft talk, Josh Sneed, interviews
Robert Vance

From Vallejo, have been in IT for the last 20 years, after being a fireman, EMT, and a cop.  Shot at twice in Daily City, decided

Wife, 18'year old daughter, sons 9'and 7' another son in basic training,
Six children and one grand daughter who lives in Montana.

Service above self, most compassionate about helping children.

Robert lives at theAmericana At Brand.  During November and December, not fun.

What is something you've never told anyone in the club ....
Had my 30th high school reunion last year, my grandad father used to take me golfing.  I played in high school, the coach complained about my score being over 120' instead of what it normally was.  The other team had the only female golfer
and I told him that I was distracted.
Robert shared a story about saving a baby who had SIDS when he was a paramedic in Palo Alto.
Weekly drawing $28 Logan
Raffle. $343. Harold donated two cancer detection colonascopes to Yerevan, Armenia