We had a great program from Stephen Ropfogel on Promotional Products.
Joined Rotary in 1952 a chuck Reinhart
Jewel Price introduced her guest.

Jewel Price asked for a an International Service committee regarding a girls school in India

Past President Jim Thomas announced Dr. Seuss Birthday, Read Accross America,
Stars at 8am, get their early, Monday, March 2

Ken Riedel, Youth Services, Rotary Little league Team

Ray Rangwala and Frank Lopez visited Estado 29, 20!new arrivals, so over 60 children reside now.  Return trip through the border was 20'minutes, versus five hours the last trip

Nancy Young and Jewel Price visited Guatamala on a Rotary trip, had a very hectic schedule.  The president of the Rotary club of Roatwn

Ray Rangwala updated us on wish list from Rotarian of India, Mr. Cebu, who visited two. Weeks ago.

Fines and Acknowledgements

Rachel Fine announced she is expecting
Stephen Ropfegel would like to announced his referral program, Alex received an IPad, for referring a client

Alex, paid a fine for

Dave Smith birthday , who is fine free, paid a fine

Jory Potts, escrow closed it was after one year, has packed over 200 boxes, moving from four garages to two.

Past President Jim Thomas, honored Chuck Reinhart to flying him for the Napa valley Fly In.

Ken Riedel for missing Rotary for Robert Vance, for great Rotary Little league team shirt design

Pin check
Don Icardo. For great Socks
Peggy Riddle, Chuck Reinhart is a Great Dancer

Program next week a Noise Within
Program - Stephen Ropfogel - Findologist

$39 Jorge Vazquez
$1169 Glynn Martin,  organized Interact Rotary Awards symposium