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Guests and Visiting Rotarians....Tery McDougall!


Fines and Acknowledgements

Great Program - President Reagan's pilot.

David Smith reported on PETS
Newly released convict spoke,
Invited to work at Rotary Christmas tree lot, received tips
Established a business doing property maintenance.
Ambassadorial scholar went to England to study and learn how to teach deaf students to read, the
Engaging Members session -
Committee heads racers going to be required to assemble a committee

Salvation Army food update, cans of food being collected at CV Insurance, Rosemont Pet Hospital, announced by Steve Ropfogel
Yasmin Beers, assistant city manager, received a check from the club for $500 to Mark Keppel Elementary, Make Keppel Special, Hoover High school grad, in 1997 Rotary sent her to Brazil for a Group Study Exchange
Losing arts funding, have arts programming for all classes. The benefits include reading comprehension, stimulates the creative process that helps them in their general learning self confidence.

Fundraiser at Golden Road, Chloe's on March 8th, see Yasmin if you would like to participate.

Fines and Acknowledgements
 Harold Scoggins son won first place in Covina school district, then Rotary District 5300 for videos on tolerance

Scott Pafford, thanks to John Vance , Richard Diradourian, and Ian O'Dwyer for articles for the club bulletin
Andrew Pirim, poker Tournament to benefit Glendale Healthy Kids

John Vance is selling tickets for a Boy Scout pancake breakfast March 15

YWCA legacy luncheon Marilyn Gunnell., Sharon Townsend will be receiving the reward
Rick Dinger beat Kris Hons at golf

Program, John McDannell,
Spoke at the convention in Kansas City, they had selected the Philippines , which was surrounded by water, beginning the eradication of polio.

It is a gut-born disease, in Nigeria, they had hired an Imams daughter, she had done something illegal, she was fired, her father put out an edict that Rotary polio eradication was designed to eradicate them  by making them sterile.  This caused a lot of problems.

Ronald Reagan's 1980 presidential campaign, selected crews to fly three jets to cart the candidates around.
Mike Deaver, Reagan's PR expert, Bob Baker, Ed Meese, Joe Canzari, Lynn Nofziger,
When taxing on the first trip, I looked back and saw the passengers all standing, not seated as regulations required.  I made an announcement, " all passengers shall be seated and secure your seat belts immediately or I will turn this aircraft around and return to the gate"
We secured the cockpit door, proceeded to take off, and. At 10,000 feet there was a knock at the cockpit door, and a gentlemen entered, and he asked,"Who gave that order to be seated?"
The cockpit crew tilted their heads downward, I turned and replied, 'I did, and who are you?
He replied, "I am the Vice President of United Airlines, and when we land, you are fired from this assignment".
The door closed, then three other me came into the cockpit over the next few minutes, all asking the same questions.
Eventually another fellow knocked on the door, and announced, Mr. Reagan would like to see you "
Mr Reagan asked to see me, he says, "are you the person the made that announcement?"
"Yes, I made that announcement".
There was some murmuring, Reagan turned to me and said, " We want you to be our pilot for the rest of our campaign".
I replied, " Sir, I would be pleased to serve, however  I have been informed that when we land I am no longer going to be on this assignment".
Reagan replied, " well, we will see about that".
I never saw the Vice President of United Airlines again.

$51. Teryl McDougall
$ 1,197. 17 cards remaining Alex Parajon
Provided baby seats to mothers at Glendale Adventist Medical Center