Fines and Acknowledgements - who is famous in a small town?

Visiting Rotarian....

Camille Levee visiting from Arizona
Guest of the club, Baylor Gibson , Keller Williams

Violet O'Dwyer, always welcome

The Salvation Army would love to have a Food Drive in your place of business
Feb 14 th we are having a drive through food drop off at the Salvation Army - see Zaven Kazazian

Nina - looking for books for book project

Teryl MacDougal resigned, won a fabulous job at the Adventist Hospital Development Office in Simi Valley.  She will be missed.

Fines and Acknowledgements

Tom Propst - spent  three days fighting the San Gabriel fire
Ian O'Dwyer.  - violet O'Dwyer as a guest
Yvette went to Homeboy Industries, a very inspirational visit
They are always open for tours, call ahead.  The tattoo removal was amazing

Camille Levee, involved with Prescott Az, the hotshots that died,
You are invited Women at work, Feb. 12th in Pasadena

Jeanette Cordon, lady goes to the hospital, her friend tried to locate her, could not find her.Tom Propst helps locate her at St. Joes.

Stephen Ropfogel, stopped at the train station in in Kelso, worth stopping by.
Marilyn Gunnell is on Facebook, everyone laughed
Frank Lopez celebrating 40 years in business

Rick Dinger, Montrose Chamber of.Commerce mixer, a man asked him, "Did you know that Marilyn Gunnell is on Facebook.

Eric Hamilton, Derby Day dinner winner Alex Trebek, hosted a dinner for GAR Services.

Rick Dinger, went to Homeboy Industries, toured the tattoo removal.

Myanmar visit , 30 minutes
A Rotarian went to visit and saw an opportunity to help, young people who have more access to to cell phones than access to clean water.

90% of child deaths under 5 years old due to diarrheal diseases
Over the past 7 years we have installed over 30 systems.
Each well is $9,000 to last 50 years, designed by a Local engineer.
These a very robust systems that have survived earthquakes and other events.
Each well serves approximately 150 people.

The goal is to build 210 systems.  Rotary was able to charter two clubs in Maynmar thanks to the changes that have been made in the national government.
This is a multi-national, multi-club project.  It is not eligible for matching grants.

The system is powered by diesel fuel, pumps the water, it is filtered and potable.

JT Warren Rotarian

$29 weekly drawing - Zainul Abedin

$980.  22 cards left
Sponsored students attending Glendale YMCA model government