The news, including announcements, upcoming events, Fines and Acknowledgements, great program about youth leadership, and of course the raffle.

Meeting notes, Friday, March  14, 2014
President's minute- Eric Hamilton, reminds us to please update your directory, please add a photo


Glendale Hoop Heroes Basket Ball Game Sunday, April 6th

Past President and Program Chair Rick Dinger announced that tickets are available for the game.  Part of the winning is the team that has the most people attending.  

Rotary Basket Ball Practice announced by Kris Hons
Weds, Mar. 19th, 7pm Salvation Army
Our next book drive was announced by Nina Sonin
Bras For A Cause is Saturday, April 5
Not Even For Minute, Nina Crowe is expanding the project to include other safety aspects, such as not texting.
Marilyn Gunnell announced the  YWCA Legacy Luncheon is April 30th honoring  Sharon Townsend

Fines And Acknowledgements
Ian O'Dwyer. Went to the board meeting one day late
Steve Ropfogel in honor of breakfast with PJ
Incoming Exalted Ruler at the Glendale Elks.  Steve invited everyone to stop by for a very nice, economic meal including soup, salad, entree, on Fridays 6:00pm
PJ Pati paid a fine glad to be back, he also bought a Porche
Josh Sneed. Sorry to be been missing meetings, see you in April
Kris Hons skunked  Rick in Ping pong
Angelo played poker, came in 7th
Jeanette Cordon has a new phone
Jorge Vazquez put ski boots on the wrong feet, went skiing, could not figure out wh his feet hurt.
Marilyn Gunnell. Came to the board meeting at the was at Glendale Arts
Best wishes to Rick Dinger who chauffeured her to the meeting
$5 because Steve is so annoying
Maria Gandera, on Spring break next week
Ray Rangwala, for David Pies coming back
David Smith reports he missed the board meeting
Peggy Riddle arrived late, leaving early
Tom Propst, wife had her book club, desserts were off the charts, provided by Patty of the Spot Gourmet

Board meetings are the second Tuesday of each month
The club paid for the SmartAThon, Sharon, Steve, And Nina, need one more person

Thursday May 1st 5:30pm at the Wine Cave for  Rotary Fellowship

Next week police Chief Robert Castro
Friday, April 25th, Member of Congress Adam Schiff till be taking your questions

Came to the club in 2009 returned from deployment in Africa, due to the financial downfall, was very uncertain economy, the people I met, the example of tHe members who are donating their time, so early in the morning.
I was born in Saigon, a wealthy family, every year there is a flood, and people lose everything.  We moved to Ohio, we lost everything when the government confiscated our assets, so we were in Ohio, broke, did not speak English.  The swim team $50 for the gear.  My dad was working at Burger King, we did not have the money, so I joined the Marine Corps by accident because I did not speak English, discovered that I qualified for the GI bill to attend college.
In2005 I began to get it, the opportunities here, and the idea of giving back.  Started Global Mindset Group, if you want To make a difference, you can.

In college kids start a club, you need three things:
1.  Find a direction
2.  Design their t shirt, logo, club. Name
3.  Need money, they spend 9 months getting ready todo something, and three months executing, then the following year it repeats.

A family in Cambodia makes $2 a day, one teacher teaches all classes for all grades
It costs $75 a month for a full time English teacher in Cambodia.

Sock piggies, get everyone together, show them how to make a sock piggies, with their name on it.

The kids are creating free tutoring services, various services available for free.
Adults make things too complicated, when you empower and mentor kids to come up the ideas.  They are creative, they can come up with great ideas.
I am looking for mentors who are willing to sit down and help them learn about your business, how you got into the career you have now.

The Marine Corps gave me my voice

Looking for stuffing for the socks.

Weekly drawing $55 PJ Pati
Raffle15 cards Yvette. Davis.   $1,295
Donated walk in refrigerator to Estado 29