Nina thank you from Horace Mann book distribution
Robert Vance  Oct 31 vocational fair
Wednesday Nina Banners on Brand sponsor recognition luncheon
District Picnic at the Laguna 
State of the Schools Oct. 2
GCC RotoAct Club, Zainul Abedin, Ken Reidel, Alex a Parajon
Glendale Firefighter Awards Luncheon Oct. 15, Tom Propst
Peggy Riddle , next weeks speaker Zareh Sinanian craft talk

Fines and Acknowledgement
Tom Propst , guest Sargeant at Arms
Chief Scoggins Fire Foundations selling calendars
This weekend Red Flag Warnng
Looking for Sponsors
Gabriel Matta 45 years
Todd Hunt
Duck Race 4weeks away...
Hovaness Grabian exhibition
ARC Sunday, Sept. 28 Spaghetti dinner
ARC in Canoga Park

Jorge Vazquez, the San Fernando Valley E club is having a dance at Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Eric Hamilton , Peggy Grande
Exec. Assistant to Former President Reagan in his post presidential office

For ten years served President Reagan would be surprised to hear about the 

Four traits
Loved life, never take life too seriously, have his priorities straight.
There were no two Ronald Reagans, only one
Known as the Great Communicator, it was how he made you feel.

Within a few minutes used disarm with charm.  
He practiced the extinct art of civility.
Rather than focus on points of disagreement, but where they could agree
His manners were impeccable
He molded great kindness

Born of modest means, an alcoholic father and devoted Christian mother
Spoke of a better future.
A frail Romanian woman thanking the President for liberating her family.

Don't we want to know that we have touched or helped another person.
Being like Ronald Reagan is 
Live simply, 

Weekly drawing... $35.   Yvette Davis 
$ 547. Nick Havopian 
Painted and cleaned YWCA safe house