Posted by Leonard Shonka on Jul 21, 2017
Weekly Morning Meeting
July, 21, 2017
Oakmont Country Club
  1. The Meeting was called to order by President Nina Crowe
  2. Meeting Positions
  • Greeter - Phil Kubel
  • Pledge of Allegiance - Velvet Rhodes
  • Cashier - Ray Rangwala
  • Inspiration - Jory Potts
  • 4-Way Test - Irene Keller
  1. Les Vincent was inducted into the club. Everyone attending greeted Les.
  2. Announcements
  • Eric Hamilton announced that Eli Gunnell picked up supplies for building the cardboard boat for the annual picnic
  • Lindsay Hornsby made a plea for volunteers to help her with the community service committee
  • Frank Lopez reminded the club that the 3 Amigos will be visiting the orphanage in Ensenada on August 5-6. All are welcome to join
    • Peggy Smith volunteered to help anyone interested in going by helping him or her with travel logistics
  • Nina Crowe asked the Club to send a text to Richard Diradourian wishing him to geet well soon. Nina Crowe also passed around a card to be signed by all the members to give to Richard
  1. Stephen Ropfogel introduced Judy Reilly and Bob Ruby from Guide Dogs of America
  2. Judy Reilly and Bob Ruby told us about Guide Dogs of America
  • The organization provides trained guide dogs for the legally blind, free of charge
  • Total costs for each guide dog costs approximately $48,000
  • 2 year training process
  • Most dogs are fostered by volunteers before embarking on formal training
  • All are welcome to attend Dog Graduation Day on July 29 at 10am
  • More information can be found at
  1.  President Nina Crowe presented Judy and Bob with dog toys for the guide dogs
  2. Sergeant-at-Arms Jeanett Cordon oversaw the opportunity drawings
  3. President Nina Crowe adjourned the meeting