Posted by Leonard Shonka on Sep 08, 2017
Weekly Morning Meeting
September 8, 2017
Oakmont Country Club
  1. The Meeting was called to order by President Nina Crowe
  2. Meeting Roles
  • Greeter - Lynn Chen
  • Cashier - Ken Riedel
  • Inspiration - Peggy Smith
  • 4-Way Test - Denise Miller
  • Pledge of Allegiance - Rod De Los Reyes
  1. Announcements
  • Denise Miller urged members to sign up for the Wine Tasting Event at Kim Villa's Home on September 14
    • All are welcome
    • Cost is $50
    • Please consider making a donation even if you are not attending the event
    • Sign ups are are the Glendale Rotary Website
  • Zaven Kazazian Announced that the Glendale Fire Department Awards Luncheon date has been moved to October 17
    • Volunteers are needed. See Zaven for further details
  • Nina Sonin announced that the vocational fair will be moved to January 26
  • Rick Dinger reminded the club of the Rotary Fellowship event on October 14.
    • A day of watching Vaquero Football at Glendale Community College. Lunch will be included? Fried chicken from Dinah's?
    • The cost is $20
    • Sign up on the Glendale Rotary Website
  1. Tom Propst oversaw the collection of fines and acknowledgements
  2. President Nina Crowe auctioned off a Rotary Tie to raise some funds for the current hurricane relief efforts. Congratulations and thanks to Dave and Peggy Smith, the winning bidders
  3.  Peter Keller shared a brief clip of the fresh water well he was able to build in Africa thanks to the donations and efforts of Glendale Sunrise Rotary.
  • Special Thanks is extended to Jory Potts, for being a major sponsor of the well.
  1. President Nina Crowe Introduced Stephen Ropfogel, a fellow Rotarian and member of the Magic Castle
  • Stephen shared the history of the Magic Castle
  • Stephen performed table magic for the club's enjoyment
  1. A last minute announcement was made by by Nina Crowe and Anita Wallace reminding the club to bring food for Glendale Community College's Food drive next week. 
  1. Tom Propst oversaw the opportunity drawings
  2. President Nina Crowe adjourned the meeting