Meet the Mayor, Joshua Sneed tells all, lots of news, President Eric's last days...


Zareh Sinanyan, mayor of Glendale
Maria Matta, wife of Gabriel Matta

Club Announcements
Yvette has T-Shirts and polo shirts
Saturday is the Athletes with Character awards at the Alex, see Nina if interested.

Sunday, May 18 fun and fitness ride, joint project with Glendale Noon
Verdugo Park at  6am

Glen Oaks Elementary school is the 17th and 24th of June

May 24-25 Estado 29 trip, See Jorge or Frank or Ray for details
Dr. Julia Schiff will be checking hearing, joint trip with the Pasadena Noon club
Leaving Saturday morning
See Jorge Vazquez for information

Dr. Jewel price announced the GSR Foundation fund at Glendale Community College has grown and the interest from the fund has grown to the point where scholarships can be awarded to seniors.
We are giving out. Four scholarships from 35 applications were selected.  Foundation members will be attend the awards dinner .
The scholarship winners will attend our meeting on June 20th

Next Tuesday morning will be the board meeting at Oakmont CC at 7am

Yvette Davis, Dr. Jewel Price, Steve Ropfogel, were recognized as sponsors of new members.

Fines and Acknowledgements

Rick Dinger paid my trip to Hawaii
Steve Ropfogel I will be in Compton working at a middle school, teaching a section on the world economy

Alex Parajon, thanked Steve for cookies from Steve
Harold Scoggins, Tomis doing the Burn Relay, raising $150,000 for burn survivors

June 7 firefighters will be walking the ramp
35 responded, some want their own music
Tomorrow is fire service day, best pancakes at Fire Station 21

Jeanette Davis, yesterday was the GYA youth banquets, six years at the YMCA

Maria Gandera, my daughters mystery diagnosis came in, daughter is ok

Denis Miller, Sharon played the piano was Commission on the Status on Women, very inspiring stories were shared,
Jewels of

Nina has a huge concert at the Alex Diana Krall

Next week, Jessica with the assistant Living Center

Josh Sneed, Lieutenaut Marine and Salvation Army Officer

Starting  reading at 3 years old
His father helped saved Wang Computers, later purchased a hotel and restaurant after moving the south. Survived a tragic fire where young siblings died, survived.  Jumped out of a window at the command of someone down below, who promised to catch him.  He did not catch him, left his younger siblings to die.

Joined the Marine Corps, we are who we are when we join the military, we become what we are comes afterwards. Pulled over for a tail light being out, I had been drinking,they asked me if I had been drinking, I lied "no".  As I drove away, I was thinking why did I do that.

My dad had told me that Toastmasters was a great place to join, I called, they called back, and I went to the first meeting, ended up loving the club, it was the first place I was really accepted.

Christianity with its sleeves rolled up.   While at training college, sent to New York after 9-11 and served with people digging in the rubble.

1:06am June 6th I left a cordless phone right next crib, broke my neck,
Recovery was very difficult, forced me to change, because pain has another side to it.  Connecting your painful experiences to your moments of service and generosity will allow you to help others.

He is attending Arrow Leadership, in Canada,

Weekly drawing $112. Andrew Pirim
Raffle $1,890 seven cards Yvette Davis improved landscaping at Franklin elementary