Introductions of visiting Rotarians


Interesting program on writing



Arlene Estrella, Club President, Rotary Club of Kapolei, Hawaii

President-elect David Smith attending President Elects Training Seminar this weekend

Jewel City Fun Ride, organized by the Glendale Noon Club, was discussed by President Eric Hamilton

Fines and acknowledgements

Steve Ropfogel won 4th place in poker tourney

Dave Smith spending his birthday at PETS

John Vance, first grand daughter, in Montana

Assistant Scoutmaster having an event March 15th, see John if you would like to support Scouting.

 April 30 Taste of Glendale Glendale Healthy Kids, see Sharon Roth if you would like Tickets.

Jorge Vazquez. Orphanage Estado 29,  three of the new children, were picked up on the streets of Ensenada, 5 or 6 years old on Christmas Day.

Arlene Estrella, visiting Rotarian, paid a recognition for the great time she had in our club.

Our Program

Liz. Cotone, Communicating With Story,

First story, the film Tootsie, Dustin Hoffman, playing an actress,

All good movies are about transformation.  If the story does not build well,then it does network.

Know your ending and write to it.  In a report it might be more difficult, an email easier.
Writing is Pre-Writing (brainstorming, creative, the Rewriting,

Take 60 seconds, to formulate your plan, based what you want to achieve.

Introductions are containers.

If I write, we have uncovered...troubling ..about informed consent...

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... Charles Dickens

When you are reviewing an email before you read it, verify no errors, also another minute for intelligibility.  Clarity is about short, understandable sentences.  Shorter sentences with powerful words, eliminate clutter.

"Our national tendency is to inflate and there  sound important." William Zinsser

Eliminate clutter, "due to the fact that" versus " because"

Use the real words.

Unity of pronoun is important.  Proofread please,

Give it one day to percolate

Famous quote, "I would have written you a shorter letter but did not have time".

Weekly drawing $31 Frank Lopez

Raffle $1,146.   Arlene     Nt