Meet the Rotarian of the Month
Learn how to be fine free for a week
Polio immunization trip to India in February
Fine and Acknowledgements
The WIN Foundation

Rotarian of the month Frank Lopez
For all his help with the book projects, delivering the donated books to the schools.

To promote good communication the board is rewarding those that submit an article to our bulletin editor, IanO'Dwyer, be fine free while the article us posted (at least a week)

Zainul Abedin, polio plus tip to India
A team is heading to India, 35 people, polio immunization day, Feb. 14th - 25th $2,500
Attendees must have a visa from the Indian Consulate, see Zainul regarding this opportunity

The Salvation Army is In need of food donations.  If you have a business that can have a donation box, please see Zaven.

Fines and Acknowledgements

Dave Smith. Wants to recognize  Angelo Cirrincione for helping move furniture from Peggy's apartment.  Would like to thank Scotty club Pafford for his assistance in the video for our wedding.

Teryl McDougal has a new job in Simi Valley.

Rick Dinger Remembers his mothers 50th birthday party
Patty Fallahee was on vacation in the Redwoods, attended a Rotary meeting.  The club members had weird last names like "Cupcake:

Glendale Fire Chief Harold Scoggins. fire update, we have 15 engines and two water tenders, and Tom Propst, are in San Gabriel

Todays Program

Dr. Tracy Kimball from the W.I.N. Foundation
Since 1996 started to help with recovery
My childhood dream was to be a princess.  at my sisters first communion I was crying because my sister was the first to wear a crown and did not appreciate the value or the honor. 

My dream was to wear a crown and be the princess; a dream is an aspiration that is longed for.

I found myself living in the darkness of an abusive relationship for five years,  then  I finally broke free. 
I took both dreams, to be a princess and help people with abuse recovery

Sticks and Stones can, in fact hurt and the abusive words that we experience can have long term, significant effects. 
The Right Living Program- international in scope, helps people change their self perception.
Your path to Life Empowerment

Educating people to live and love in ways that work.  A learned behavior
Dysfunction is passed on by family, so our goal is to break the cycle be helping people adopt new behaviors that will work for them.
We serve around 5000 annually and charge a nominal fee, because if there is no cost, there is no value.

The College program, raise your standards
The corporate leadership of the Adolph Coors Company was concerned about behavior.  The colleges were asking Coors to educate their boys about proper behavior, a leader at Coors with two daughters attending college was concerned and asked us to develop a program for girls. 
Cure Our Campus - anti-bullying campaign, contest for the best campaign

Breaking the cycle and building self esteem
The definition of self esteem is the confidence you of have to make healthy decisions

How do I raise money for WIN?  We host a beauty contest (so women get to wear crowns)
The Mrs. Globe 40 to 50 countries donate a year do their life
Our current Mrs. Globe is Stacy Cooper, the first was Mrs. Dawn Foley, Mrs. Globe 1997 (who attended the meeting with her father)

When conducting the program we ran into a problem were 85% of the attendees did not speak English.
The Spanish speaking program was born.
For more information

Next week. Talk on the Miramar water project
$40.   Weekly drawing. Marilyn Gunnell
$952. 23 cards.  Glynn Martin
Took 100 children to the Los Angeles Christmas chorus