Great program on how we can all save lives by being donors.
Len Schoka, guest of Rick Dinger
Boat Race Sunday, Sept 20th see Eric Hamilton for details
Wednesday, Oct 7, Glendale Firefighter Awards Luncheon
Nov. 14, Rotary Foundation dinner @ Lowes in Santa Monica

Fines and Acknowledgements
Susan Jekerl, recipient O'Dwyer Service above Self Above
Angelo Cirricione 29th wedding anniversary
Frank Lopez 27years in Rotary
Jory Potts
Yvette Davis posted some really expensive shoes on FB and after trying them on decided to return the because she was afraid she'd fall.
Steve Ropfogel trade show coming up, he will make a $5 donation for each person who registers to attend, then $10 for each person who shows up.
Denise Will take care of Yvette if she falls on the new, expensive shoes, at the hospital
110 years of GAMC
Rick Dinger left boy home from carpool, lost his receptionist, played golf, watched his son sack two quarterbacks
Ken Riedel  visited 12 states on vacation

Our Alex Parajon, One Legacy,
Donate Life was founded in 1977, serves the Seven County area.
Maria Lourdes Santana was a nurse, died of a brain aneurysm on June 30, 2013, then while in rehab fell and was declared brain dead In August.
They asked Alex if he would authorize organ donation, was not sure if this act would be accepted by the family.

In the end she donated both kidneys,liver, and lungs.  She was featured in the Tournament of Roses Parade in 2015.

Lindsey's Mom talked about her daughter who died at 16 in a car accident.  There is a big gap in our lives and One Legacy had helped fill that gap. Lindsey was a great kid, helped pack shoes boxes for the hungry, play soccer, and fun loving.  One Legacy helped us through the donation process and helped over 56 people's lives.

Christine Valenzuela, donation recipient, a post liver transplant patient.  Diagnosed with Budd Chiari liver ailment.  Went to the doctor on Wednesday, had anMRI Friday, was told that I had to have a liver transplant,  from January to Juky I was getting ready have to be dying to get a liver, on a ventilator.

Keck is a transplant hospital, she was in a coma, transported to the hospital at only 90 pounds, the donation of Alex's mother's liver saved her.

There is a large patient waiting list, so only the people closest to death are receive an organ. Right now the organ donation rate is 19%.  There is a significant shortage with almost 300,000 people waiting for organs.  It is a matter of blood and tissue matching. Kidneys,liver, lungs, pancreas, and small intestines,

One donor can help 50 people with organs and tissue.
Oct 3rd is One Legacy Dodger Night

Weekly drawing $40 Ed Malouf
Raffle $476. Ed Malouf
Provided books and book cases to the Pasadena Cancer Center.