Fines and acknowledgements
Stephen Ropfogel birthday
Andre Haftvani joined the club in debute French speaking club
Margaret Lofaro had a stroke

Tri Fritz father passed away over the holidays
Thanks to Nina Crowe and Stephen Ropfegel
Eric Hamilton installed Montrose chamber of commerce president

Ohaness Garabetian  on January. 21, daughter turned 9, now she can sit in the front seat!
Erik Ohanessian attended Vartans Gharapetian campaign event, over 300 people
Marilyn Gunnell thank you for calling and visiting me while in the hospital
Received a beautiful vase of flowers from the. Club
Nancy Young announced with Jewel and Nancy going to orientation for their next Rotary trip, ,knocked over a tree in a restaurant
Nina- Norman Mamey passed away Thursday.
Peggy Smith was ill all week, planning to head to Atlanta to see the grandkids.

Bill Patzert - Drought are we in or out.
In the west drought is frequent, connected to what happens in the Pacific Ocean
Droughts are long and gradual.  The last three years were the driest in recorded California history.
Droughts are large.
Lake Oroville is only at 28% of capacity
Droughts are regional,  Impacts felt locally
Los Angeles civic center rainfall six out of ten years are below normal
Wet years are unusual
Last major drought 1945-1978
Only 16% of year is the  rainfall less than normal, in average precipitation
Why do we have. Drought ? It's the PDO
Pacific Decadal Oscillation
Warm cool variations
We are in the negative phase large, long La Niña
Patterns can last 20 or 30!years
The Pacific Ocean impacts the Jet Stream
Look at lake mead, 140 feet low, more than half the volume
The fill time is 17 years
When will the drought end?
Creates drought

Water and energy demand= population times Alluence times technology
California is the 7th largest economy in the world
800 lb gorilla Agriculture
Ag uses 80% of the available water, 2% of the states economy
Urban and industry get 10-15%

Wate use laws were written in the late 19th century and early 20th century
Could be driest snow back since 1921
70% of water is imported, managed by the metropolitan water district
We have been tapping are ground water
We need to manage our storage better
Improve our storage
We have a water management problem
Big commercial farms,

40% exported to Asia
Water laws were built for the early 19th century
Think about how you vote
$29 Erik Ohanessian
Erik sponsored middle school students to attend a Christmas carol at a noise within