Greeter Hovig Ovanessian

Pledge Ian O'Dwyer and Kate

Book distribution went very well Nina Sonin reported, one of our best this year.  Thanks to Jory for supplying the books with the Salvation Army.

Polo shirts and polo shirts are in, see Yvette.

Demotion party at Dinger residence, Eric's reign of terror is thankfully concluding, reports Rick Dinger, Past President and Program chair

President Elect David Smith reports that the District Assembly 14 members attended, very impressive
Very proud of his incoming board.

Jewel City bike ride Sunday May 18 needs volunteers

Fashion show June 7 to benefit the Glendale Fire Foundation at ....see Zaven for details.

Bring donations for San Fernando Rescue Mission, GSR donated $500, email is coming

Ian and Violet suggested $1,000 $400 for vaccines and a cooler powered by  cigarette lighter

Ian and Kate 7 years of marriage
Nina Sonin completed book project and Angelo built a closet
Sharon son is graduating from college
Zanuil Abedin, going to USC , son is graduating, masters in accounting will be working for price Waterhouse coopers

Jim Meceli daughter graduating from Cal State Fullerton

Nina daughter was awarded two academic awards,

Eric announced Kris zhons and Yvette joined the GED board

Next week, the general manager of the Oakmont a Country Club

Jessica Badiga, independent living Center of Southern California
One of 29 independent living centers in Soithern California
I attended CV high school, my father is the PSAT CV chamber of commerce past president.  She is from a bi-partisan, I was a key clu

We offer independence to people. People that need a back brace, crutch, any type of durable medical equipment, anyone who is a veteran, has any sort of disability, diabetic, a very broad definition of disability.

If you are mature, a veteran, homeless, etc,

Assisti e technology
Durable medical equipment
Modifications, ex. In a wheel chair that requires wider door jambs
Shifting the post in the garage to accommodate the car door
Low tech Cell phone apps,
High tech screen readers  - JAWS a screen reader that offer high contrast

By offering assist ice technology we are helping someone live their life, to not have to rely on other people,

Help people figure out what people need. In work environment, negotiate with medical insurance companies, due to changes due to the ACA.

We have a training house to educate our clients to learn things like diet, horticulture, food preparation, such as introducing them to fresh vegetables, such as kale, and get them away from fast food, how to conserve water, job placement,
How to talk with employers, how to interview,

Our service office offers benefits counseling,such as veteran benefits,
California Care Transition, if you have been in a medical facility for over 60 days, we can assist you in resuming independent living.

Job placement

Assistive technology and how Rotary can help.
A client was put Ina three wheel scooter, who has a tendency to fall, in the past year he has had around 60falls, they provided him with a three well scooter.  Had him occupational therapist, had it documented, a full electric wheel chair.  Instead they gave him a four wheel powered scooter.

We educate doctors and their staffs to provide the Assistive technology that is suitable for our clients.

So after getting the client a wheel chair, now they need a ramp, which is not covered.
Our clients are not sure of the process, they have been told no so many times, they a e given up.

How many clients do you serve annually, asked by Zainul Abedin, typically four to eight months, then helping hem to find work
The service office we typically serve about 150 to 200 clients monthly,
We take in 50 new clients per month

Kurt Baldwin is our advocacy guru. As he hears about concerns, he goes to the problem to figure out how to taska committee with finding a solution.

Electronic health records,
HIPA the privacy act, prevents cooperation in some cases.  Even with a signed reades, you do notn tv want to expose yourself to liability.

Our funding comes from a contract the department of Rehab
Assistive technology - is free
Service office- services offered at no cost to clients

Weekly drawing $ 130 Jeanette Cordon
Raffle $2031 six cards
Ken Riedel.
Cleaned up and painted battered women's shelter