Breakfast on the stage of the Alex was GREAT!
Loft tours
Hoop Heroes

Stuff the Bus Armen Kalafyan
Bus 8 to 3, traders joes on brand and Glenoaks

Ken Riedel, a week from Thursday, clean and sort books,

Smart a thon, May 20, 2015 see josh Sneed

Elizabeth Mannaserian and Eric Hamilton
Jewel City Bike Ride
Sunday, June 7th at Verdugo Park

Fines and Acknowledgements

Tom Propst - son Logan aspires to serve in the military, applied to the academies, received an appointment to the merchant marine academy, in New York

Ian ODwyer, Kate is recovering, thank you for the card,  Sat. may 9, Rosemont Open House, please stop by

Steve Ropfogel, , congratulate Vartan
 - Vartan paid a fine for missing two meetings,
PJ Pati, finished term as Exalted Ruler of the Elks, he is back
Zareh Sinanyan, Vartan Garapetian is here in the club, newly-elected city council member.

Program Alex Theatre, Elissa Glickman

CEO GlendaleARTS, ten year tenure,
In 2008 we renegotiated a change from the Alex Theatre regional board, to GlendaleArts
Producing original productions and events, more than regional competitors, with fewer staff

$56. Weekly drawing Robert Vance
$1,485. Glen Supporting Glendalevhistorical Society building Gazebo