Inspiring inspiration offered by James Thomas, Past club President, bybEdgar Guest, the People's poet.

fascinating program by the Alabaster Ptoject




GSR notes

Jim Thomas, past club president, read Don't Quit
Americas Poet
Success is failure turned inside out
Serge Ghahramanian  360 auto giving away a cat
Gabriel Matta , Kip Guest of the club
Vartan Garapetian
Sharon Fernando
Paid debt for boat race $100 to GSR Foundation
Disaster aid , Ebola Hospitsls in Liberia to raise funds for protective gear
Angelo is in the hospital
Vocational fair next week
Zaven Firefighter Awards Luncheon thank you.
Fines and Acknowledments
Zainul Abedin 18 years in Rotary
Yvette Davis anniversary of 29th birthday
Ray Rangwala, need help auction off Jorge take him to J pnL
Jorge Vazquez, visiting my family in Florida, introduced them to my wife
Mother was in this hospital, 
Pin check 
Century Yourh Orhestra, new non profit, at Glendale Adventist
Shannon Fernando, with the Alabaster Project
Vaccine cooler
Ask for link to video
Vitamin A supplementation served 600 children served
Treated with an antibiotic to combat Dracoma, eye condition transmitted by flies
MMR Vaccinations, mumps, measles, rubella each cost about $10
Kept the van running all night to keep the cooler running
Vaccines out of temperature more than four hours cannot be used.
Wrist bands, orange, You Will Not Be Forgotten, after they received thei back next
Conducted health training, including basic first aid, 
Taught the how to use a scale
Shompole tribe, 40 km from Nairobi
7,000 people live in that area
They slaughtered a goat In honor of Alabaster Mobile Clinic , 
Kibera slum, one million people living in a two square mile area.
Partnership in Meru , served 500 patients, now recognized as a healthcare partner 
In total saw 1,375 patients were seen this year.
Next steps. Kenya, July, 2015
Would like to build a clinic
The children lose an entire week of school if they have to travel to see the doctor,
Three room structure with solar panels, concrete, $8,000
First year 2012 1'500 
2013 1,200
2014 1,375 due to the cooler
Two health care trainings
Private funded, in Kenya Girl Child Network 
Alabaster is a reference to Luke, giving back to God and the community
Jim thomas, $32 
Jory Potts $713
Participated in Glendale annual graffiti paint out