Your Rotary Club has been very busy over the past two weeks.


Last week's program was the Mid Year Club Assembly, each area of service reported on new developments and progress accomplished to date.

Greeter - Rachel Ray who was great!

Pledge of Allegiance was Glynn Martin...who also won the jack pot!

'Inspiration by Jory Potts via text to Eric

Four Way Test by Matt Gerlach

Monday, Feb. 4th is out next book distribution. 500 to 1,000 books are needed for the next month when we will be distributing to three schools.

Third Grade chapter books, in very good condition, are needed.  Questions?  Contact Marilyn Gunnell or David Smith.

Fines and Acknowledgments are going downhill: Artin Khodadadi, Nina Sonin, and Jorge Vazquez (all doctor-types)  all report going skiinig.

See you tomorrow for our great Craft Talk from Ian O'Dwyer!