Welcome New Member Lindsay Hornsby.
We are excited to welcome Lindsay into our club. She officially joined on Friday, September 2nd to a large crowd and is being sponsored by Stephen Ropfogel. Lindsay works at Express Pros and her boss, Kim Guard, was able to attend her induction. Welcome Lindsay!
Welcome Velvet Rhodes!
In August, we were honored to welcome Velvet Rhodes to our club. Velvet is a welcome addition to our club with her experience in Entertainment and Film Production. She has begun the Glendale Film Festival and has worked hard to bring an international film festival to our city. Welcome Velvet.
Thank You!
We want to thank Richard and his wife for opening up their beautiful
home and preparing a fabulous dinner for our
members over the Labor Day Weekend. Thank you Richard!
Thank you to those members that continue to support the Orphanage in Tijuana.
Especially to Frank and Ray, who were joined by Jory on their recent trip.
To our members who continue to make this a better place to be! Watch for new pictures each week.