Great speaker , Ken Worfield, Hollywood Bowl.  


Guests. Mark Ehan, CPA Rick Dinger
Stephen Rofogel Mary kayak 
Jadon Slaughter Communitass
Jim Thomas John Paine from noon club, retired insurance

Ken Worfield

Tape Girl, Sharon Townsend
Peggy, Nancy, Scott  attended the district membership seminar

Club Announcements
Firefighter awards

RotoAct at GCC announced by Ken Riedel
Dr. Cortes advisor

Dr. Jewel Price, district international committee, Feb 5-9 in Guatamala Field trip
$1600 due Sept. 15th

Six projects taking place

Eric Hamilton
Sign up for district picnic

Peggy Riddle  we are meeting at Forest Lawn Glendale
Spot Gourmet
Tour of Art Gallery
Bring a guest

Sunday Dec 14th at Mayors house

Fines and Acknowledgements
Angelo Cirrincione Wedding Anniversary
Pin check
 Invited someone one , oh nannies gave pin
Jim thomas trip to Alaska, 
Won the 50/50 drawing at Victoria, made up at Rotary
I felt young
Glynn Martin was lucky at neighborhood block party, recognized his banner at Broadway and Brand outside BJs

Ken Worfield is the sax man

When in the hospital my mom brought me a yuk allele that turned with a crank
I knew that I could not leave my friends at the hospital, I waited until I got to the door with my mom, left it for my friends.  

I asked my mom, at 17 years old go,buy your own guitar.  After ingesting lye,  I have been healthy.
In high school I signed up to play  music.  I arrive at 
Mrs. Align Bignell and Helen Fowler
Susan Miller Dorsey high school, I signed up for band
No band director, I was walking out the door, the band director was walking in, I joined the track team.  Was running the hurdles, hyper extended my knee, 
Became a high jumper, set the school record 6' set the school and city of Los Angeles 
Burger and decalator on IBM 360, 
Became a tape librarian.
Learned how to run a computer
Was listening to the radio, 
Click, bang what a hang, 
My friend gave me a guitar,a Tesco
Next I listen to sly and the family 
Heard the bass, bought myself a bass, my supervisor took me home, played me some records, and said that is how you learn to pay the bass...all. By myself
1968 20 years old, first band
Before the first gig,half the band quit, the remainder kept practicing 
Played around Cal State Jazz Festival, Herbie Hancock 
Aculpulco soul, Herbie sat in,
Ellis Jones, I was fired.  We are all,still good friends, 
1974 I went I to A pawn shop, bought a Selmer Bundy saxophone
Was I a band called solid, played all over LA
1979. I felt someone might be leaving, my brother Mickey, be happy it's my birthday
, whe hi was ready to leave, he said "we are all stars" some are dim, and will be around a long time, the bright will not be around too long.  It will be ugly, do not. Let it throw you.
Your brother got shot.
I was 27 years old, my mom looked me in the eye, "Pull yourself together" 
Mickey painted and played the saxophone, 

$37.   Eric Hamiltom
$489 Dave Smith. Awarded middle school teachers as learning improvement grants